Service to others..

“No life is worthwhile if the daily service is for self alone.” Growth in Silence: The Undertone of Life by Susanna Cocroft 1917

It is easy to feel somewhat useless and a little sad during these times of isolation. I don’t think we are meant to be so idle and disconnected from our community like this! But there are things we can still do to connect with and serve others (beyond the scope of our day jobs) which will in turn help to uplift us. Some ideas…

  1. Mail a card or package. It costs around a dollar or less to get a photo printed. Why not print and send someone a card or silly photo!
  2. Make a phone call! Do you know a friend who’s going through a tough time? Just seeing your name pop up on their phone can help them to know that someone cares and is thinking of them.
  3. Make and deliver baked goods to a neighbor, police or fire station, mailman or garbage man! It sounds silly but I truly like and appreciate the guys that come by every Thursday morning to get the recycling at 7:30am. Something about their consistency and the way they acknowledge and work around myself and other people who are trying to make it out of the driveway for work as they’re just trying to do their job as well. It is especially nice to surprise people that don’t expect it. 

“True happiness can come in its fullness, only through making the world better by their presence.” How are you connecting with others during this quarantine? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

Hedgehog Trail, West Simsbury, CT 4.8 miles 912 elevation gain 🙂

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