Inspiring points on creativity…

I love listening to podcasts or Youtube videos while I workout or clean or bake. Last week I listened to a couple interesting interviews with Seth Godin, author of several best selling books including The Practice and This Is Marketing. The following snapshot from his blog perfectly explains what his recent book, The Practice, is... Continue Reading →

5 Sunrise Spots in CT 🌅

Sunrise Series 🗞☀️ read all about it! Here's a list of 5 sunrise spots in CT. I want to work on a new set of 5 so if you have any recommendations, leave a comment below! ⁣⁣1. Sweetheart Mountain, Collinsville⁣⁣ (1.7 miles total)2. Horse Guard, Avon⁣⁣ (1.5 miles total)3. Hedgehog Trail, West Simsbury⁣⁣ (4 mi... Continue Reading →

Science of Smiling :D

“Use these moments to energize yourself for the day ahead. First, smile. Whatever you feel like, make yourself smile. It has been shown that even if you fake a smile, it can improve your mood." How an old landlord taught me to smile and feel good at a time when I needed it!

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