5 Sunrise Spots in CT 🌅

Sunrise Series 🗞☀️ read all about it! Here's a list of 5 sunrise spots in CT. I want to work on a new set of 5 so if you have any recommendations, leave a comment below! ⁣⁣1. Sweetheart Mountain, Collinsville⁣⁣ (1.7 miles total)2. Horse Guard, Avon⁣⁣ (1.5 miles total)3. Hedgehog Trail, West Simsbury⁣⁣ (4 mi... Continue Reading →

Science of Smiling :D

“Use these moments to energize yourself for the day ahead. First, smile. Whatever you feel like, make yourself smile. It has been shown that even if you fake a smile, it can improve your mood." How an old landlord taught me to smile and feel good at a time when I needed it!

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